The Daemon Whisperer Book Cover: The Official Countdown Begins!


Take from Goodreads - HAH


Yes, that’s how I’m feeling right about now! Feel the SQUEEE!

On Friday, March 30th, I will have a book cover for you to gawk and fawn over! And you better, cause I’m already squeeeing over the mockups!

Oh yeah, did I say SQUEEEE!!!!

Additionally, I’ll give y’all an official prologue excerpt at the same time! Because I’m a giver that way. Yeah, you know how I am. 🙂

So anyway, this is a short post. It’s not exciting. Not by itself. It’s just a teaser, to let you know the inevitable is happening. The book cover. It’s happening! After that I’ll be trolling for reviewers. Cause it’s fun, or so I hear tell. (Not really, it’s painful and sad, but it’s what’s done.)

Oh yeah, it’s a happening.

(Like my placeholder fake book image above? It’s from There SOPA! See I gave credit!)