Six Sentence Sunday: An Excerpt from The Daemon Whisperer

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Here’s this week’s snippet from The Daemon Whisperer, my Urban Fantasy WIP from my Liminals series. Meriwether Storm has just returned from a daemon summoning, and is inspecting the repercussions to her skin. There are other problems, of course, but there’s only so much I can cover in six sentences. Enjoy!

For every payment, every offering made to a daemon, the energetic receipt etched itself into her skin. The forms took all shapes and sizes, reminiscent of tattoos; sometimes they rippled, scarred, spiked up, or even–shudder–sparkled . How the forms manifested depended on the daemon involved. Somehow, through the transaction of wills, they got under your skin, permanently.

Meri recognized the new Engetheus marking quickly as it attached to his earlier one which hovered right above her liver. It wrapped in brilliant dark green tribal cuts around and back over her right hip.

Yeah, no big deal, right? Everyone likes tattoos! But oh wait, did I mention those are just the surface changes of a daemon summoning?

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  1. Angela Quarles   •  

    Great 6, I really loved the descriptions and the creative twist on what happens to folks who summon!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thanks Angela! 🙂

  2. Karysa Faire   •  

    Wow. I love the concept of being marked after/during a summons. Can’t wait to read about the changes on the inside.

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Yeah well, the internal changes are the kicker. 😉 Thank you for your feedback, Karysa!

  3. Cara Bristol   •  

    Very creative.I hope you get a good cover artist on this when you publish it because it can be quite striking.

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      I have someone working on the cover now, and she’s doing great work! I expect to do a cover reveal the end of March. 🙂 Thanks Cara!

  4. Steven Montano   •  

    Very cool stuff, Candice. Brilliant, visceral description!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thank you, Steven! 🙂

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