Six Sentence Sunday: An Excerpt from The Daemon Whisperer – 3/25/12

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

Here’s this week’s snippet from The Daemon Whisperer, my Urban Fantasy WIP from my Liminals series.

Don’t forget to check back this Friday 3/30 when I release cover art and the first segment from Chapter 1! I can’t wait to share this next step of my journey with you. 🙂

Anyway, back to Six Sunday! In this six I’m picking up right where we left off last week, where Meri (Meriwether) Storm is talking with the daemon Azimuth about a potential job offer. Specifically, he’s verifying her qualifications for the job. Enjoy!

“That was not an offer!” Meri hoped the flush on her cheeks read as anger instead of titillation. She put down her bag and held out her wrists, resigned to her blunder. “Just get on with it.”

Azimuth rumbled out a laugh and took her wrists in his hands. His skin was cool against her own, matching its pale appearance. His thumbs found her pulse points, and Meri had the distinct impression he was somehow tuning into her energy field, and her pulse quickened in response.

What do you think, was that a successful recovery on her part, or no? 😉 Unfortunately, the Six doesn’t allow me to get to his questions. So sad…

Please head on over to Six Sunday and check out the other participating authors. Cheers! 🙂


  1. Steven Montano   •  

    Another great excerpt, Candice. I’m totally looking forward to reading this! =D

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thanks Steven! I’m pleased you’re enjoying it. 😀

  2. Jessica Subject   •  

    Doesn’t sound like this is going as she planned. I wonder what he has in store for her. 😉 Great six!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thanks Jessica! BTW, you’ll hear what she thinks of the job next week. 😉

  3. Lisa Fox   •  

    This interview seems to have gotten a bit out of control.

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Just a wee bit… Thanks Lisa!

  4. Angela Quarles   •  

    Good recovery, but then man, the ending would make my knees buckle 🙂

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Well I couldn’t show it in the six, Angela, but she does something like that. 😉

  5. Cara Bristol   •  

    Very, very intriguing. Makes me wonder what her blunder was. Like your count-down for the cover-reveal!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Her blunder was on last week’s six, if you want to go and read up. 😉 Also the counter is the WP Count Down plug-in. It’s a very handy tool with lots of options. Thanks for your feedback!

  6. Sarah Ballance   •  

    I vote for titillation. *grin* And this is sensual, especially the end. YUM!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Good to hear it, Sarah. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Karysa Faire   •  

    But we’ll get to see what his question is next week, right? Please??? Great six!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Sorry, but I’d give away too much of the plot if I did that. 😉 I can assure you it’s enough to get her temper flaring again, however! Thanks Karysa!

  8. Lorraine Paton   •  

    I’m curious to see what comes of this interview! She is already flustered, so it could be interesting! 🙂

  9. Heather   •  

    Damn pulses can be so hard to control! Lovely six. Great tension.

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