Six Sentence Sunday: An Excerpt from The Daemon Whisperer – 5/27/12 #sixsunday #urbanfantasy #paranormal #uf

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

Hello everyone! Here is another snippet from The Daemon Whisperer, book one in my Urban Fantasy series titled The Liminals. If you use Goodreads please consider adding this to your to-read list so you’ll be among the first to know when it releases. Thanks a bundle!

I’ve skipped ahead in this scene to a moment between Meri, Azimuth and Orias. Orias is a member of Azimuth’s cabal who has the second sight, daemon style. Imagine having him around! Enjoy!

It was lucky he kept his counsel largely to himself or he’d end up with a good ass-kicking on a regular basis.

Orias turned, tapped a finger to his temple, and smiled. So she was right on that count? Meri flipped him off anyway. At that moment Azimuth walked in the front door, witnessed their exchange, and frowned.

“I can see Meri’s been a joy for you to work with,” Azimuth said to Orias.

Hmm, it’s so nice to see Orias and Meri bonding.

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  1. Ryan Derham   •  

    It’s great that Meri’s not at all intimidated by either demon. Gotta love her. Nice six, Candice!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      She’s jam-packed with bluster, eh? Thanks, Ryan. 🙂

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thanks, Jessica! 🙂

  2. Steven Montano   •  

    Meri rules. LOL. Great six!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Yes, but what about the witty Orias? I’m gonna have to show him off better next week. He’s one of my favs. After Meri, of course. 😉 Thanks, Steve!

  3. Lorraine Paton   •  

    Haha. Meri is great! Love how she stands her ground, no matter what. 🙂

  4. Cara Bristol   •  

    Spunky heroine!

  5. Skye Warren   •  

    Love her ‘tude! And the way the guys aren’t too miffed by it 🙂

  6. Sadie Hart   •  

    LOL Oh, I like her! Gotta love a woman who’s not easily cowed, especially one who can give a good attitude when needed. :-p

  7. Heather Boyd   •  

    Bonding? Sounds like a love that will last forever. LOL Good six

  8. Angela Quarles   •  

    LOL, love how you showed instead of told that he read her mind, well done! And great interaction all around!

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