Six Sentence Sunday: An Excerpt from The Daemon Whisperer – 5/6/12 #sixsunday #urbanfantasy #paranormal #uf

Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday!

Hello everyone! Here is another snippet from The Daemon Whisperer, my Urban Fantasy WIP from my Liminals series. If you use Goodreads please consider adding this to your to-read list so you can be the first to know when it releases this summer. Thanks!

In this six Meri (Meriwether) Storm has taken a turn down a dark alley and run into some unsavory characters. Let’s see how she handles herself. Enjoy!

Meri wasn’t in the least afraid of the men or her dramatic temperature increase. Instead, she wanted to dance with these boys, just not the dance they were looking for. The idea of intimacy with them made her ill, but the more they challenged her, the more she ached for a fight.

“You think you can take me? I think I’m a little too hot for you to handle,” she replied. A heat wave blew off Meri, knocking two of the ringleader’s men to the ground.

I wonder what she’s got in store for the ringleader of this little gang?

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  1. Jessica Subject   •  

    Love how tough she comes across! Nice six! 🙂

  2. Lisa Fox   •  

    Sounds like they picked the wrong woman!

  3. Kelly Said   •  

    Get ’em, Meri! I’m definitely interested to see what she has in store for those street punks. 🙂 nice six!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thanks Kelly! I’ll show a bit more next week with the ringleader. 😉

  4. Karyn Good   •  

    Very intriguing six! I love her attitude but I’m also very curious about her temperature increases and her ability to use heat as a weapon.

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      She’s picked up a curious weapon. This, of course, never causes problems. 😉 Thanks Karyn!

  5. Ryan Derham   •  

    I love tough chicks. Great set up for Meri’s use of her powers and her grit.

  6. Ann Swann   •  

    Love it! Can’t wait to see more!

  7. Steven Montano   •  

    Meri kicks ass. Great Six, Lady!

  8. Lorraine Paton   •  

    Love your six! Sounds like she is adapting well to her new abilities. 🙂

  9. Cara Bristol   •  

    They don’t know who they’re messing with, but they’re about to find out! Fun six.

  10. Angela Quarles   •  

    oooh, nice twist with the heat! You were being literal at the start! Love her attitude! Looks like you’re missing a word here: “you [to] handle”

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thanks for the catch Angela. I’ve updated it! 🙂

  11. Wildcats Wife   •  

    She’s about to teach them a few tricks she has stashed up her proverbial sleeve. Watch out!!

  12. Paula Martin   •  

    Hah, they didn’t see that coming, did they? Great six!

  13. Ursula Grey   •  

    Incredible six, Candice. I loved the line about how she wanted to “dance with these boys”. I love this character!

    • Candice Bundy   •     Author

      Thanks Ursula! It’s gratifying Meri is tough yet so many feel affection for her. 🙂

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