A Holiday Gift to You (and free ways you can gift back i.e. my wishlist)!

Dec 16th, 2012

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As a holiday gift to my fans I’m reducing the price of  The Daemon Whisperer from now until the end of the year to $.99! It’s only on Amazon for now, but in January it’ll roll out to other markets at the normal price. (I know some of you Nook users have waited a while, sorry about that!)

Amazon is continuing to discount the paperback version to just below $9! So if you’ve held out for a sale, now’s the time! (Especially if you can bundle with other items and save on shipping.)

Some of you have asked how you can support my efforts. The first and most awesome is, of course, by buying my books. I know many of you have already purchased a copy, and you have my enduring heartfelt thanks!

If you’ve read my book or books and feel so moved, I’d love an honest review. It doesn’t have to be long, even a basic star rating goes a long way sometimes towards convincing other readers towards giving a book a chance. You can leave a review as short as twenty words on Amazon, and Goodreads allows for star ratings only if you prefer. Usually when I do reviews I cut and paste the same text between both systems, because I’m lazy like that. ;)

Now on to completely free and almost zero effort ways to help! Anyone who has an Amazon.com account can click the ‘Like’ button on my book pages and my author page. The more ‘Likes’ I have, the more recommendations and visibility my book will receive. At around 50 ‘Likes’ I become eligible for additional promotional spots. Spiffy, no?

How to Like a Book on Amazon

How to Like a Book on Amazon

To like my author page you need to get there first. Check out this next image, it shows how you click on my linked name under my book title.

Browse to Author Page on Amazon

Browse to Author Page on Amazon











Then, once you’re there, click on the ‘Like’ button to promote me as an Author. Cause I’m cool! ;)

Like An Author on Amazon

Like An Author on Amazon








Another area on the book page you can help out are on the Amazon Book Topic Tags located further on down the page. Just click on all of them you agree on. If you want to there’s a textbox with an Add button next to it where you can add in new topics as well. This helps readers find books when they search on a given topic in Amazon, i.e. ‘cooking’ will bring up books tagged here, and the higher the tag counts the higher the ranking on the search results. ;)

Liking Book Tags on Amazon

Liking Book Tags on Amazon











Wasn’t that easy? Now if you really love/’Like’ me, you can hit my other book page, Ripples, and like it too. Do you have other authors you adore out there? I’m sure you do! Go forth and spread some holiday joy around and ‘Like’ a few for fun, now that you know what those little boxes are used for. (Please use responsibly.)

Again, I want to thank everyone for your support over the last few months as I’ve debuted The Daemon Whisperer. I’m in edits on The Dream Sifter, the first in my The Depths of Memory Sci-fi/Horror trilogy, and soon I’ll start posting teasers for you here on the blog as the manuscript firms up.

I’m also continuing work on The Madness Path, and loving the book. It’s well…messier than the first book, and I don’t mean gory. Well, there’s broken bones in the first chapter–fine. I’m just saying, things are shaping up to be pretty out of control. But considering how I’ve named it, this is no surprise, eh?

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