Candice Bundy has worked as a Software Engineer and in also the Colorado wine industry in which she won medals internationally. She is currently writing two fiction series and a non-fiction work on mead making. Her hobbies include climbing, wine and mead making, gardening heirloom tomatoes, and fermenting sauerkraut, sourdough, kombucha, pickles, and water kefir. Candice lives in Colorado with her family.

The Liminals is a steamy paranormal romance series featuring strong female heroines bestowed with supernatural powers who defend a crumbling post-apocalyptic society from daemons, god-touched, and fae alike. The Liminals is set in an alternate-future Colorado.

The Depths of Memory is a Science-Fiction/Fantasy series featuring an amnesiac heroine who struggles to understand her superhuman gifts while uncovering the mystery of her past. The Depths of Memory series is set in a struggling, plague-ridden human colony in a universe controlled by the alien Juggernaut.

Contact me via email at candice (@) candicebundy (.) com, or follow me using one of the links of interest below.

In The Liminals paranormal romance series:

In The Depths of Memory sci-fi/horror trilogy:

In shorts and novellas:

  • Ripples, a paranormal lovecraftian novella

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