Candice lives in Centennial, Colorado with her son and their cat Newt. A professional hedonist, rabble-rouser, and goat-herder, she adores archeology and all things Greek/Roman, so if you send her fan mail, please send it on cuneiform tablets, papyrus, or traditional vellum.

You can also contact her via email at candice (@) candicebundy (.) com. (That’s separated out to fool all the spiders trolling this site, so she gets less spam.)

The first book in The Liminals paranormal romance series, The Daemon Whisperer, is available at http://a.co/9abWtBm. The second book, The Madness Path, is in development.

The first book in The Depths of Memory sci-fi/horror trilogy, The Dream Sifter, is available at http://a.co/48gVQYQ. The second book, Dreams Manifest, is due out Fall 2017. The third and final book, Forsaken Dreams Pursued, is under development.


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FYI: Although she doesn’t auto-follow back on twitter, she does respond to @ replies. Also, she tends to avoid cluttering the streams with #FF’s and all of those iterations, although she appreciates the shout-outs.  She prefers actual conversations over bulk/mass tweets or marketing only tweets, so don’t take it personally if she doesn’t respond to tweets in this format.