The Truth Behind Habit Hacking

Back in March 2016 I read The Artist’s Way and adopted the practice of daily pages. This is a creativity-expanding and focus-generating habit which has aided my writing practice and productivity in all areas of my life. However, the habit took longer than I’d expected to form, which caused some struggle and self-doubt. After all, doesn’t […]

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Surrender to the Moment

Time is a funny thing–moments and memories strung together in at times a haphazard fashion. We’re always seeking more. Living for the next weekend. The next vacation. The next day off when we can run away from work and finally relax and do all of those things we can’t do today. There’s a burning, unquenchable thirst […]

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On Peeling Off Labels

On rare nights my son and I enjoy a cuddly night watching TV together — neither one of us tends to slow down long enough to spend a ‘night’ watching television. When we do, it’s something akin to an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3K, where we heckle the actors and pick apart the shows […]

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Commit to Your Jump

My father passed this past week, peacefully and painlessly. He’d been in home hospice for a time, having survived a fight with chronic lymphocytic leukemia but lost to the chemotherapy and resulting pneumonia and immune system destruction. Cancer, and chemo suck. On this we all agree. I’ve been asked, on more than one occasion, how […]

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The Illusion of Limits

When you stretch to your limit and begin to feel the discomfort set in, instead of pulling back, push farther. Push beyond where you’ve gone before. Beyond the places you know well and the ground you’ve previously covered. Push into your unknown. Then you’ll begin to sense your full potential. Only then.