The Depths of Memory Trilogy

The Depths of Memory Trilogy is a sci-fi / dark fantasy series. Book one is due out Summer 2013. Book two is due out Spring 2014. Book three is under development.

Book 1 – The Dream Sifter

When you awake without memories, without a past…can you recreate yourself through your dreams?

Barren and shamed, Rai has no memory when she’s placed with an adoptive family, the Durmah Sept. Recurring nightmares pull her into another world–giving glimpses of a past she never recalls while awake. Rai fears for her new family’s safety in light of her mysterious past and newfound, bizarre abilities. Driven by a curiosity Rai can’t deny, she tempts fate–but at what price?

A distant human colony races to prove themselves before the powerful Hegemonic races declare their attempt a failure. Although they’ve been on Az’Unda for a little over 600 years and have used aggressive breeding practices, a horrible plague has reduced their life spans, left many women sterile, and saddled them with beasts known only as Terrors. Little do they know they are about to face their greatest threat from one of their own–causing attentions to focus on the unlikely Durmah Sept.

Book Excerpt – Prologue


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