Coming Fall 2017


While scouting Az’Unda for potential Juggernaut settlement, Selector Brague encounters Rai Durmah and is shocked by her unusual abilities. The Durmah flee the scene, but Brague will not rest until he understands how Rai, a human colonist, wound up with her unique gifts.

Rai Durmah tried her best to keep her abilities hidden, only to reveal herself to the Juggernaut, a race who can end the human colony on a whim. Stuck between her adoptive family who doubts her loyalties, the alien Juggernaut, and a Guardian protector she fears, Rai desperately attempts to escape her pain and unwittingly unearths the answers to solve or destroy Az’Unda’s future.


The Depths of Memory Trilogy in a set in a future where humans have fled Earth and struggle to colonize new worlds and prove their worth to the alien consortium known as the Hegemony. Beyond the colonist’s day-to-day struggles, they face a devastating plague which requires extreme and constant vigilance. Faced with internal and external threats, how far will the colonists be willing to go to save not just their colony, but humanity itself?

The Depths of Memory Trilogy is a sci-fi / dark fantasy series.

Genre: The Depths of Memory Trilogy is a sci-fi / dark fantasy series.