Neighbors Can Be Odd - Candice Bundy

Neighbors Can Be Odd

We all have oddball neighbors, ones that piss us off with cars on blocks or endear us with their cat lady antics. Let me share a colorful neighbor with you.

Every morning there’s a petite woman who walks her Shiba Inu to the Elementary School and back. Mind you, she doesn’t appear to have a child she’s walking, just the dog. She doesn’t leave the dog at the school for educational purposes, they simply take a walk around the campus and then head out. The dog is quite adorable.

Each day she walks a different path, and so I don’t always see her, but I’ve noticed her approach and exit from the school grounds from different routes. Curious, no?

Now you’ll argue the school is attached to a very nice park, and she and her dog both deserve a nice daily walk, and mornings are perfect for said walk. They both appear fit and healthy, and thus the routine suits them well.

Her dog walks on a very nice harness, yet she allows the pet to roam freely about and into yards at will. You’d think the harness would allow her to control the dog fully, but instead she follows along, not remaining on the sidewalks but following her dog around. It’s quite, erm, funny as they romp around landscaping and cars in driveways. I haven’t seen her traverse into back yards, but they get right up into folks front windows. Cause you know, that’s not weird at all, yes?

But that’s not all.

The most amusing days are trash days. On these fun-filled days she pauses at her neighbors trash receptacles and fearlessly noses through the contents for goodies. I truly admire her chutzpah. When caught going through my trash, she simply waved and kept at it, found nothing to her liking, and moved on to my neighbor’s at her leisure.

I’m not sure what drives her dumpster diving. Her clothes are super-chic, her heels inappropriate for walking. She wears sunglasses I swear she lifted from the set of Angelina Jolie’s Salt prop box. I prefer to think she’s a brazen spy, not caring if we notice her or not. She’s just that good.