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Literary Oddities

Feeling in the mood for something altogether different? Are you sure? There’s no turning back on this post.

See I discovered a quirky little online bookstore called AbeBooks. Sounds innocent enough, yes? They have a Weird Book Room. Let me show you some of their more ‘refined’ selections.

There are days when I’m feeling altogether too overwhelmed with others, and I think I need to read this:

How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
Doug Richmond

I’m sure you’ve been there, yes? I mean, how better to not be bothered by those irritating pests who just won’t leave you alone? Or perhaps you’re in the mood for something else? I’m often feeling inadequate…just not cool enough. And they have this perfect book! But oh no! Personally…I’m devastated this one is currently out of stock. Surely you feel the same?

Anybody Can Be Cool… But Awesome Takes Practice
Lorraine Peterson

I suppose we’ll have to rely on other resources to gain our AWESOME skills. So let’s plan some travel instead. I’d be riveted to each page of this timely tome on Ireland before our trip:

Summer With the Leprechauns: A True Story
Tanis Helliwell

And I’m buying my son, who’s in first grade but already mastering his multiplication skills this fabby looking Calculus guide:

The Manga Guide to Calculus
Hiroyuki Kojima

How better to engage youth in the mighty yet daunting Calculus?

And now, mostly, just because I want my own minions, (c’mon, who doesn’t?) I’m going to read this one. Admit it. You will too!

How to Start Your Own Country
Erwin S. Strauss

Just promise me your new country and mine can reach peace accords. I’m sure we can quickly outmaneuver more volatile nations and rise in the ranks of the UN without too much hassle. I hear they let anyone in these days. I imagine we can even have our own Olympic presence, should we wish.

Let me know which tomes strike your fancy. They do have quite the unique selection.

Until next time.

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