The Depths of Memory - Candice Bundy

The Depths of Memory

A number of you have asked for more details on my upcoming Depths of Memory series. So, here’s a quick teaser on the series and the first book. The first book is finished, and I’m presently shopping for it’s future home. Let me know what you think!

Summary on the three book series

The Depths of Memory is a sci-fi series where a human colony races to prove themselves and survive before the more powerful Hegemonic races declare their attempt a failure. Although they’ve been on Az’Unda for a little over 600 years and have used rather aggressive breeding practices, a horrible plague has reduced their life spans, left many women sterile, and saddled them with Terrors.

Book 1 – The Dream Sifter

Rai Durmah suffers from amnesia and recurring nightmares–wherein she’s hunted down for unspeakable crimes she can’t even recall. She awakens riddled with guilt seeped into her bones. Forced to move on with a new life and family, Rai tries to piece together the puzzle of her past while also helping defend her family from implications in the recent contamination of a critical medicinal. Unaware, she seeks to rediscover herself, not knowing she’s racing into the path of destruction, which may cause a cascading house of cards to fall apart. Rai may not know it now, but she has allies and foes in the most unlikely of places.

Matriarch Bauleel is the Temple leader in Raven’s Call City, the largest in the colony, and a member of the secret society known only as the Core. Unable to bear the loss of her sister, she defied the Core’s death sentence and instead chose to hide her among the Durmah with the aid of a loyal Guardian friend. In the meantime, she’s dealing with the systemic poisoning of a key ingredient to the plague treatment. The Technicians Guild have also identified Terem Zebio, who is potentially plague-immune, and may be the long-awaited answer to her colony’s ongoing nightmare.

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