Journey of a 1000 Ports - Candice Bundy

Journey of a 1000 Ports

Last night I dreamt I was playing with my young son, making mud pies, getting muck between our toes, and generally living it up. Then, OH NO! We were late, just like Alice! We dug out our tickets, wiped off our feet, and ran, ran, ran to the dock, making it just in time!

The Captain took our tickets, and I asked where the boat was headed. Because, you know, in dreams you never quite remember those pesky details. He replied, “a journey of a thousand ports”. My son pulled my hand, eager to board, and we were once again filled with our earlier youthful enthusiasm, ran aboard the boat, and joyously awaited the marvels before us in our long journey together.

Ain’t that just life? Or, shouldn’t it be?

When I tell people I’m a hedonist, all sorts of debauchery and naughtiness tends to enter their minds. And sure, go ahead, that’s all well and fun, let your mind have its entertainment.

I have a wonderful bumper sticker: Never let temptation pass you by, you never know when it might pass your way again. No, seriously, missed opportunities are life’s bitch. But now let’s take it a step further, shall we?

Hedonism is an exercise in engrossing the senses, every single one of them, to the limit, but never dulling them out. Which is why I indulge, but I don’t blitz myself out. Why? Because how can I be captivated by the intense color in flower petals or the voice of my favorite musician when I can’t even hold my head up? Moderation is a beautiful thing, because it allows me access to incredible levels of intensity, just by paying attention.

So in your journey today, what are you paying attention to? What, you’re not noticing? QUICK! Immerse yourself in something, anything! Just like a child, pick it up, and milk the experience for all it’s worth. It may delight you, it may disgust you, but awaken those senses!

For you writers, it’s an exercise. For those of you simply living, it’s an exercise in breathing. Get on that boat!

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