NaNoWriMo - Week Three - Candice Bundy

NaNoWriMo — Week Three

Okay, no bones about it, I’m worn out. Fatigue has set in. I’m not fighting writing, mind you, that’s a different mental process that all writers reading this will identify with. It’s not that at all. I sit down, plug in, and write.

I’m constantly, mentally fatigued. I don’t take this as a sign that I’m not ‘cut out’ for being a writer, by the way. It’s simply hacking the day job and the NaNo time and the winery and family and a little social time. I’m exhilarated by the amount of writing I’ve gotten done.

A friend of mine said he’d done NaNo a few years back, and compared it to a form of psychotherapy, and he’s absolutely correct. You discover things about yourself you’d never connect with otherwise. Dregs of your mind surface and hack through, and either you push forward through them or you don’t. It’s that simple.

Oh, I have a series of jokes my son has come up with. Momma, why do you always have your laptop with you? NANO! Momma, what are you thinking about right now? Your NANO! Momma, what did you dream about? NANO! Momma, can you hug me? Sure, put one arm around me, and keep one hand on your keyboard, there you go! There, now keep working on NANO!

I’m not joking. That’s all his original material. He’s a gem. And yes, he’s gotten plenty of non-laptop-oriented hugs too this month. 😉

Total word count for the week: 10,077. Total word count at 39, 110.  (78% done with the 50k challenge)

Average per day: 1,439 (was 2,333 in week one, 1,814 in week two — notice a trend here?)

Total word count on The Daemon Summoner: 62,958.

WEEKLY PSA to other NaNoWriMo and other Authors: Back Yo Shizz Up!

On to the final week! (Which is actually longer than seven days, which will help me out a bit.)

Words remaining to complete the challenge: 10, 890 in 9 days.