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NaNoWriMo — Week One

Kickoff week is here! Halloween night my husband bids me a fond farewell. Booger. I don’t stay up all night to start writing at midnight like some do, but I do promise K.M. “just stick some porn in there” Cambion that if I get stuck with writing I’ll just, well, ‘you know’, to muddle my way through.

11/1/11 – 3258 – Woke up early and psyched, wrote on the train to and from work, during lunch hour, and in the evening after dinner. (This becomes my daily routine for work days.) Smooth sailing.

11/2/11 – 2567 – SNOW DAY! Which means kiddo is home with me, and I get to juggle working from home, and NaNo, all at once. I ended up working half a day, listening to my kid feel gripe about being shut in the house, and then write into the evening. Yay? I made chili midday, so dinner was a no-brainer, and I could write more. Oh yeah.

11/3/11 – 2951 – Woke with a sore throat, but happily it worked itself out. I got into something of a ‘NaNo high’ today, and felt wonderfully jazzed about writing in general. I think of this as a form of minor insanity brought on by continual writing sessions. Aren’t you jealous?

11/4/11 – 2222- I’m noticing just how supportive my husband has been so far, and am truly grateful. On another note, writing so much so quickly, I don’t feel like I’m processing it the same way that I usually do my writing, and I therefore feel a bit separate from the work I’ve created. I mean it’s there, and I know what I’ve written, don’t get me wrong, but the emotional processing isn’t the same for me. I’m curious how things will read on a second pass. Better? Worse? No different? Am I being mental?

11/5/11 – 786 – Had a tattoo touch-up appointment today, and didn’t get much writing in today. Plus, I’m working through a tough chapter for me. I feel like I hit a writing wall. Argh!!!!

11/6/11 – 2289 – Got past my writing wall after breakfast yay! I remembered that my characters are in charge, I’m not, and suddenly things took off again. And either my novel just went off the rails or it went fabulous — I have no clue.

11/7/11 – 2260 – Back to a Monday, and my normal writing routine. Why is it I can write faster on the train (approx 600-700 words in 35 mins) versus a #1k1hr challenge? Why??? Can I get someone to come over and gently rock my recliner for my while I write, so it feels like I’m on a train? Pretty please?

Total word count for the week: 16, 333. (33% done with the 50k challenge)

Average per day: 2,333

Total word count on The Daemon Summoner: 40,672.

I have had the frustration, and this may sound silly, of not being able to switch projects midstream. See, I’m used to working on multiple things at once, when the ideas flow. So instead I’m getting those ideas and just taking notes, not flowing in the moment. I bet you’re thinking, what, she wants more to do? Well, no, I don’t. It’s just when you’re in the groove, lots of creativity flows, and I’ve found you don’t always get to pick the focus, IMHO.

WEEKLY PSA to other NaNoWriMo and other Authors: Back Yo Shizz Up!

On to week two!

2 Replies to “NaNoWriMo — Week One”

  1. Hi Candice 🙂

    I know what you mean with regards to the emotional processing part of writing so quickly. I feel like I’m speeding through some parts where I would normally linger and spend more time exploring each aspect of the scene.

    But I have to say that for me, writing quickly like this has enabled me to get a framework out there, something for me to build on after a second, third, or twenty-third pass, lol!

    Your progress is inspiring me to kick it up a notch – I’d like to get my daily word count up a bit higher. It’d be nice to finish a couple days before the deadline, as opposed to the final hour (like last year), hehe!

    Thanks for sharing the insights into your NaNo week one. Good luck with week two! 😀

    1. Heya Kelly!

      You’re right, getting the framework is a critical element, and the edits will give us both time to flesh out and explore plenty anything we feel we’ve missed.

      Glad I’m inspiring you. This is an opportunity for us all to inspire each other. 😉 Good luck to you, and let me know how you do!

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