Decompression and Preparation to Become Amazing - Candice Bundy

Decompression and Preparation to Become Amazing

So yeah, I finished the first draft of Daemon Whisperer. And no, y’all don’t get to read it. I’m a bit scared to jump back into it, whole hog, not sure what nuggets of wonder and crap I’ll find in there after the intense flurry of writing has passed. And besides, I know enough to give my first drafts a certain period of rest, much like dough, it needs time to decompress. When I return to it in another couple of weeks, my mind will have settled on the points I need to revise and edit, and the story will have risen fresh again in my mind, and together the twain shall meld into something better. Something more.

That’s the entire point of editing, after all. With each pass, make your work shine, glow, and polish in a way it didn’t before you were there on the earlier encounter. You can’t see the amazing potential when you’re stuck in the mire of trudging out those last few pages, after all. The first passes are easier, of course. It gets more challenging when you get to the later rounds.

I’ve also changed the series name. It was ‘The Chosen Few’, and I’ve realized that was patently lame. First, others have used it on Amazon, strike one. Second, it has connotations of being connected to something Jewish or religious, and that’s all fine and good, but not at all what I’d intended, strike two. No need for a strike three, agreed?

Therefore, I went a hunting, cause that’s what writers do well. We love to research. In my series, each of my main characters finds themselves at a crossroads (on multiple levels), stuck between lightness and dark, with no clear moral or ethical rights or wrongs. They are forced to make decisions which impact themselves and others, not always knowing if the outcome will be something they can control, but they still have to choose.

It’s not unlike us, in life, but it’s expounded supernatural/paranormal glory, the stakes are much higher. Thus, I’ve renamed the series ‘The Liminals’, for those who stand at the crossroads between our world and the supernatural, who walk the fine line, and have no easy answers.

Most importantly, no one else is using the name yet. Woot!

So, while I continue to make my list of things to edit, I catch up on reading. And, I’m going to Mexico for the holiday. Should be a nice place to bake out this sore throat/cold my son gave me as a present. Thanks kiddo! *eyeroll*

Also, my publisher is still fairly backlogged and thus I don’t have a publication date yet on when The Depths of Memory: The Dream Sifter is due out. But it’s happening, just at publishing speeds. Keep the faiths!

Happy holidays to you all, and I’ll see you in the new year! Expect to hear me talking about edits to Daemon Whisperer at that time.