Why I Don't Do New Year's Eve Resolutions - Candice Bundy

Why I Don’t Do New Year’s Eve Resolutions

Frankly, I think it’s a cop-out to do goal setting once a year. There, I said it. I mean, sure, if you never set goals for yourself, I suppose it’s good that you get around to doing it at least once a year. Bravo!

But seriously? C’mon people!

I challenge you to up your goal-setting game. Keep an ongoing list of weekly goals, monthly goals, yearly goals, and the all important bucket list. Yeah, I’m serious.

The weekly goals are things that need handling NOW. I.e. things that make you money, or will cost you money/resources/quality of life if you don’t get them done. Easy peasy.

Monthly goals are things you can get done in the short-term, or are stepping-stones to getting the yearly goals accomplished.

Yearly goals are bigger items. Things that take multiple steps and/or parts to get done. They are on the longer horizon.

The bucket list are things to inspire the visionary within you. When you can find ways to break things down into  steps or milestones, do it and make some headway.

But never wait on setting goals. Never wait on you. And certainly don’t think if you break your New Year’s Resolution that you’ve lost out, and your goals are defunct. Just reframe your timelines, and keep on trucking. The goals are what’s important, not the dates.

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