On Advice and Friendship - Candice Bundy

On Advice and Friendship

Friends love to give you advice when you’re in a tight spot.  No matter how good the advice, or how well-intentioned, they aren’t in your shoes. Their advice comes from a certain perspective, and it’s completely valid, but not necessarily for you.

You are under no obligation to follow it if it doesn’t fit your needs. I think this is harder for women in relationships, fearing a backlash or loss of friendship. Making your own decisions doesn’t lessen your friendship. It doesn’t speak poorly of them, or how you value them. If they don’t respect this, it’s their loss, not yours.

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2 Replies to “On Advice and Friendship”

  1. If only everyone would read this. I agree that I think it’s particularly difficult for women not to take the advice (or not acting on it) personally. I’ve felt this quite a bit going through my divorce. The advice abounded, but no one can truly know how things are for me. Good friends are the ones who have supported me on my journey without becoming judgmental.

    1. Big hugs for you Amy! To my point, no one knows your journey, and no one knows what you’re having to live day-to-day except you.

      And you’re right, the best friends are the ones who withhold judgement. Those are the ones I treasure most myself.

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