Six Sentence Sunday: An Excerpt from The Daemon Whisperer - Candice Bundy

Six Sentence Sunday: An Excerpt from The Daemon Whisperer

I know you’ve all been clamoring for a taste of The Daemon Whisperer. Well, simmer down! Here’s a little something to whet your appetite. 🙂

Reverend George was an abject example of ‘you get what you pay for’. Sure, they lived in daemon-infested Denver and this was just another typical abandoned hovel infested with mold and rats as the backdrop for this pathetic summoning. There were plenty enough such locations in the economically depressed city and enough desperate souls willing to risk a new career, especially one that paid top dollar. A middle-aged man of mulatto heritage, his hair and long beard held equal parts feathers and mud. His flamboyant, long-sleeved, velvet, purple jacket and alligator boots lent him an air of eccentricity. Meri assumed people, maybe the same people who crowded the room, mistook these elements as a sign of power.

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  1. And six damn fine sentences they are. Good backdrop for the story, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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