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Writing Project Updates

I’ve seen others give some project updates lately, so I figure, hey, why not me too? ๐Ÿ˜‰

First off, I’ve finally decided on the names for the other two books in my Depths of Memory series. That’s my Sci-Fi/Horror trilogy. The first book is called Dream Sifter, and it’s still in the editing queue at Freya’s Bower and is likely another 6 months out from publication at this time. The other two books I’m naming Dreams Manifest and Forsaken Dreams Pursued. This may not be momentous to you, but as a writer it’s critical to have the right names nailed down, and for some reason the names for this series eluded me for some time. Also, I’m not summarizing the plots here, but feel free to click-through on the titles above to get a brief synopsis on the series. ๐Ÿ™‚

Second, I signed up for ScriptFrenzy. Why? I blame @Babseth for the encouragement. That, and I’ve thought of doing it for some time. See, I’ve been looking for a good time to turn Ripples into a screenplay, and just never had the time. People keep telling me it would make a killer hour-long TV creepfest, but for me to market that, it needs to be in the right format. Thus, ScriptFrenzy! Oh, BTW, don’t tell my hubby I’m doing it. After NaNoWriMo he’ll throttle me, just FYI.

Third, while I’m knee-deep in Ripples I’ll be plotting out Ripples – Twisted Path. Yes, I’ve been talked into it by none other than Amber West! Well, and well, others who wanted a sequel to the story. Although I don’t feel there’s a whole novel or novella left in the telling (I say this now), there’s enough for a series of web posts. Look for this in the Summer.

Fourth, I’m now jumping into the fourth round of edits on The Daemon Whisperer (this is the first book in The Liminals series), and I’m very happy with how this book is developing. My beta readers have been very helpful and I’m going to expand a few areas, and once this edit is through I’ll begin working with my pro editor. Also, I’ve begun shopping around for a cover artist. I need a seriously tattooed lady for my cover art for this book! Have I mentioned I’m self-publishing this series? No worries, I love an adventure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s all for now. If you’ve got questions about the above, or you think I’m crazy, just say so!

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  1. I’d rather write 50 novels than try to come up with a title for one. You are so right about how critical they are, and how elusive they can be.

    Good luck with your workload and art search! Heh. I’d crumble under all that.

    1. I like to think staying busy keeps me sane. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Happily I’ve come up with some awesome artwork folks already! Of course this doesn’t mean less work for me, cause they just have all these questions… I mean what? Aren’t they the geniuses? hah.

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