Felt Tips - Office Supply Erotica Anthology #12-12-12 - Candice Bundy

Felt Tips – Office Supply Erotica Anthology #12-12-12

(taken from Tiffany Reisz’s original post)

FELT TIPS – The World’s Greatest Charity Anthology of Office-Supply-Related Erotica is coming December 12, 2012. Mark your calendars! The anthology, like its readers, will be coming soon!

This is a fantastic compilation and I’m thrilled to have my own short story, Open Rack, included in this anthology. I’ll be sure to update everyone again closer to the release date so you won’t miss your opportunity to help out with the effort to raise funds for charity. 🙂

One of the fun elements of working on this anthology was coordinating stories with the other writers. Imagine a game of Clue (Colonel Mustard with the Candlestick in the Observatory), but with Office Supplies, Oh My! The Red Swingline Stapler went first, then highlighters, paper clips, fountain pens, and well, all manner of items. Rooms and well, equipment went next.

Suffice it to say, Open Rack is set in a Server Room. That’s all the detail I’m giving you for now. You’ll have to get the anthology and do your part to contribute to our worthy charities to learn the rest. 😉

Learn more about it here … http://tiffanyreisz.com/storytime/121212/