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Oh yeah I did that…

It’s been two months since I’ve given a status update so I wanted to check in a let you all know what I’ve been up to. 😉

In case you missed it, the cover art for The Daemon Whisperer released a few weeks ago. I’m presently ironing out edits with my editor and hope to circulate ARC’s by mid-June. If you’re a reviewer and would like a copy, please let me know and I’ll add you to my list!

Other big news: I’ve lined up Christopher Stewart of Red Aces Media for the artwork on my Depths of Memory Trilogy. I’m very excited to be working with him on this project and we’re in wonderful creative synch. I’ll be posting the covers as they become available, but if you watch our conversations on twitter you may catch glimpses of art here and there as well.

Connected to this news is my decision to self-publish the Depths of Memory Trilogy, with the first book, the Dream Sifter, due out this Winter and the second, Dreams Manifest, due out Spring 2013. I have deep respect for the Indie publisher I was working with originally, but once I’d started down self-pubbing path with my Liminals series I felt it was best to go ahead and handle the others directly as well. I am happy to have delivery dates on this series for you now and look forward to sharing snippets of the first book in Six Sunday’s after Daemon Whisperer releases. 🙂

One thing I didn’t do, but said I would, was work on a script version of Ripples during April’s ScriptFrenzy. Yeah, my bad. April just got too insane for me: personally, professionally, writerly, all aroundly.

I did manage to plot out a sequel to Ripples titled informally: Twisted Path. I also got the entirely of book two of the Liminals Series plotted out, titled The Madness Path. I’ve even began writing it. And then ‘it’ happened.

Um. Yeah.

A story snuck up on me, the wily beast! Uninvited and unplanned! A dark fiction, untitled, tale I’m not entirely sure deserves to be shown the light of day, and yet there it is. I’m rounding 20k words, so apparently I’m committed at this juncture. Or something. Nonetheless, it will out, and then I’ll get right back to my proper plans and such as. Like The Madness Path, clearly a tale of some repute. Or the last book in my Depths of Memory Trilogy, Forsaken Dreams Pursued.

Yes, right. Because I’d never, ever, write about things which go bump in the night or discomfort your sense of center. Not I.

By the way, what disturbs you? You know, just so I don’t write about it. 😉

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  1. Awesome news, all the way around.

    What disturbs me? Feet. Gnarly-ass feet. Other than that, there was this show I watched on Discover or something about this kid who had a “twin” growing inside him. It was huge and had all this hair – man. One day it’s going to be the basis of a short story that may prevent me from walking down the stairs in the dark forever.

    1. Ew, yeah those second half-formed twins are deeply disturbing, and perfect fodder for stories!

      I’m with you on the feet. I did ballet for years in my teens and stopped specifically because of the damage it did to everyone’s feet. Mine were spared the worst of it, but I saw others that were broken beyond repair and knew I had to flee before my feet were lost to the same fate. *shivers*

  2. Twisted Path!!!!

    Ahem. That’s cool.

    I have a recurring dream about the number 7 crushing me, and a really large man falling over when he picks a hair up off the ground, which causes everything to explode.

    It sounds funny, but it feels terrifying.

    1. I’ll refer you to some serious Jungian dream analysis. That’s deep, all that heavy stuff falling and crushing and exploding. And it’s all sparked by the smallest of infractions. Yeah, I’d be terrified too.

      And yeah, I thought you’d be pleased to hear about Twisted Path. I hope you’ll like the story when it comes out. It’ll be a bit longer (time-wise) but it should crank out quickly once I’m done with this current project. 🙂

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