What I Did On My Summer Vacation #blog #summer #vacation - Candice Bundy

What I Did On My Summer Vacation #blog #summer #vacation

Last week my hubby and I packed up the RV, ran off to the hills, and left our son with grandma for some adult-only time. We were joined by a number of close and dear friends, and generally chilled out with the occasional semi-organized activity.

Now, I won’t share all the sordid details of the week. (Who’d want that?) I will share a few choice moments.

  • My editing progress went well on Daemon Whisperer. We had battery chargers so my little netbook was able to recharge as often as it needed. And our friends were understanding while I tuned in and out of conversations, computer on lap, me in the camp chair, working away. I have awesome friends. 🙂
  • The drought conditions in Colorado are extreme this year, so the hummingbird feeders many friends had up were readily drained. Never underestimate the aggressive nature of a hungry hummingbird. Truly, it was sad to behold.
  • FYI, I totally rock at wrestling. (Just ignore that bruise on my arm, and my other arm, and in the middle of my back. No worries.)
  • My friend Mr. Scary (who’s an amazing tattoo artist) and I talked through the next tat design for me (its to cover up some scarring, which he’s fab at). It’s wicked sick and insane, and he’s said he’ll do it once and then never again. Hopefully it won’t break his brain in the process. Hah!
  • Had a wonderful discussion on ancient cultural myths surrounding people of the forest from different traditions, what happened to the humans who were abducted, their ability/inability to return to normal culture afterward. This led to a segue on more recent mountain men and how their minds ‘shifted’ after a time, and how they weren’t fit for normal society thereafter. Comparisons were made to the PTSD with troops who’ve served seven-plus tours and how after a time it’s difficult for them to transition back into regular society mode. This was all fabulous food for thought for a book I’m working on now. Yeah, that’s where my mind goes. Enjoy!
  • Walking through the forest alone at night, in the darkness, is still one of my favorite things in the world.

So what have you done on your Summer Vaca? Have you had yours yet? If not, what’s your plan?


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  1. But the real question about the wrestling is: Did you win?

    Also, jealous about your adult time. We’ve been grabbing our adult time here and there… in fact the Mrs is out getting hers on as I type this.

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