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Dreams Drive Me #blog

We’re all driven by something. Me? I’m driven by my dreams. And I’m not talking metaphorical goals here. I mean head to the pillow, head to the car window (passenger seat, of course), head on the couch during a late night movie or book read…DREAMS!

Yes, these get translated into goals, sure, whatever. Anyway, it’s been forever since I’ve blogged about what I’ve been up to, and my answer is: dreaming. 😀

…And a few other things. I finished a deep dev edit of Daemon Whisperer, and it’s off getting a line and copy-edit now. The ole’ spit shine, or something. During that edit I read a book with profoundly tortured characters (part of my enduring research for my WIP Citrine) except this one had edges of paranormal overtones, and it got me thinking, right as I fell asleep.

Have I mentioned I love to read myself asleep? It’s an insomniac thing. So I wake up, and I’ve rewritten the plot for Citrine. Skewed it, so to speak. Injected it with a paranormal venom I didn’t notice it was missing. Which, of course, is when it hits me. That other story I plotted out a while back? The one which has no connection to anything else I’ve been working on? Yeah…It’s an amazing sequel to Citrine!

I’d better get on that. #facepalm Yes, that was just what I was looking for universe! Thanks for the ideas. I’ll try to hurry up, get off my ass on these edits and finish at least one series before you throw another one in my lap.

Please make a note: never offer me your story ideas. I know you might mean well, but I’m doing just fine, thanks!

While I’ve been avoiding rewriting that plot and the 25k words for the newly injected paranormal theme, I’ve been finalizing my series plot for the Liminals Series. I have four books planned out in the arc, in case you’re curious, assuming no other characters jump in and cause havoc. 😉

Once I get those plot notes from my head transferred into my electronic brain, I’m jumping into dev edits on Depths of Memory – Dream Sifter, which I’ll juggle while writing fresh bits on The Madness Path (Liminals Bk2), Twisted Path, or Citrine. Because editing constantly is a drag, dude. 😉

Remember, it’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out from a flying key when you break your keyboard. …Not that it’s ever happened to me.

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  1. LOL. Yes, mostly. However, last night I managed to reinterpret recent political commercials as a long, drawn-out DragonBall Z-themed dream. It was a scary and surprisingly accurate corollary. And not slated for a future writing project. It would be terminally boring. Most politics are. 😉

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