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Casting The Daemon Whisperer

As I wrote The Daemon Whisperer I had very clear images for the characters. One of them started as a specific actor (see the last one on this page, and you’ll understand immediately), the others I thought about later. So the question is: if I had my druthers, who would I cast to play the roles in this book?

For the characters with daemon ink, daemon horns, and the like — well, you’ll just have to use your imaginations. That’s what the makeup and costume departments are for, after all!

Without further rambling, I give you: the cast of The Daemon Whisperer!


Meri (Meriwether) Storm – cast as Eliza Dushku (If you’ve seen anything Whedon, you know this gal.)

Meri lost her parents to a daemon in her teens, and she’s sought for their killer ever since. When Azimuth shows up offering her the name of their killer in exchange for a not-so-simple summoning, she jumps at the chance. When things go horribly wrong, she has to find a way to heal herself, but can she live with the cost?











Azimuth – cast as Taylor Kitsch (He’s been in some feature films lately, but not with this look. This is an old-school look for him.)

Azimuth is a member of Belial’s cabal whose abilities include detecting spoken falsehoods and the emotional states of other beings.  His job is to recruit Meri to do a job for their cabal, and in return they’ll give her information on the daemon who killed her parents. After her job, when she’s ill and refuses the cabal’s aid, Azimuth keeps an eye on her.


Orias – cast as Chiwetel Ejiofor (Again with the Whedon source! Awesome actor, thus we should see more of him.)

Orias is also a member of Belial’s cabal and his abilities lie in foresight and flashes of telepathy. He does his best to try to keep his cabal safe, but even when you know how it all plays out, it doesn’t mean you can always fix the problem.


Kobol – cast as Kevin McKidd (Did you see HBO’s Rome? Well, this guy kicked serious butt, yet could be funny too. Great show.)

A member of Belial’s cabal, Kobol is an expert fighter and specializes in hand-to-hand combat. He’s the youngest daemon in the cabal, and despite his strength he’s generally the calmest and most lighthearted in the cabal.


Annamie – cast as Drew Barrymore (Needs no intro, right?)

Annamie is Meri’s closest friend, is the owner of Soul Paths — a local magical supply shop — and a talented spell caster. Despite her worries over her friend’s perilous career choice, Annamie continues supporting Meri even at great risk to herself.


Jackie – cast as Helena Bonham Carter  (Needs no intro, right?)

Jackie runs the Flesh Playhouse Burner Enclave north of Denver. She’s friends with Annamie and gets asked for a big favor. Also, she doesn’t take any crap, from any species.


Ranna – cast as Michelle Pfeiffer (Needs no intro, right?)

Ranna is a trusted confidant and source of information for Azimuth in this story. She’s an ally of sorts, although he doesn’t know how far he can trust her when push comes to shove. We get to see more of her in Book 2, FYI. Although Pfeiffer is a tad tall for the role, she’s perfectly quirky. I can imagine her wearing steam punk to…other attire with no problems, a must for this role.


Belial – cast as Tim Curry (Again, if you don’t know Tim Curry, you’ve lived under a rock. I’m sorry for you. )

I know Belial is blue, and Curry red. Let’s move on, shall we? Curry was glorious, focused, and knew his goal in Legend. He embraced evil and went to any length to meet his goal, plus, he had a sweet amount of flair. How can we not adore Curry?

In contrast, Belial is a crown Prince of Sheol. Azimuth, Orias, and Kobol are members of his cabal. Distracting him even takes a bit of work. Be assured that if he’s helping you, it’s only because it furthers his own goals.


And sure, there are other characters, but I haven’t cast them yet. These are the major, heavy hitters. If you want others cast, make a request. 😉

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  1. This is very cool. I’m glad to see more authors doing this sort of thing. When I was younger there were a few authors who had picture books of their characters and world and those were awesome.

    1. If I was super-cool I would photoshop on some daemonic horns, ink, and colors, like they have in the books, but alas, I’m not that shoppy. 😉 Thank you, though! Perhaps when I have some down-time I’ll get a vid put together next. 🙂

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