The Felt Tips Anthology is Here! - Candice Bundy

The Felt Tips Anthology is Here!

Yeah, you heard me right…

Felt Tips Anthology CoverThe Felt Tips Office Supply Erotica Anthology, edited by Tiffany Reisz, is now officially released, and you can pick up your copy at Smashwords, B&N, or Amazon today! All proceeds–yes 100%–of the proceeds go to a charity that helps underprivileged kids get school supplies, so your gift to yourself this holiday season helps out someone else. Isn’t that wonderful? (BTW I believe we’re not naming the charity online as this is an erotica anthology and the charity concerns kids, and we don’t want to bring undue attention to the charity. And by proceeds, I mean sales post the cut Amazon/B&N/Smashwords take as their due. None of the authors, the cover artist, editors, etc. are getting paid for this endeavor.)

I’m pimping this quality collection of smut because my short story, Open Rack, is included in the collection. Hey, I give to charity too! I do it personally, directly to organizations–sometimes with cash and sometimes with time. Remember me running that 5k for epilepsy? (I think I blogged/tweeted about the importance of prepping first. Hiking regularly does NOT compare! LOL I have no idea what I was thinking!) I also do donations through my winery to specific events we support throughout the year. Basically…I like to find ways to pitch in across the board. When the opportunity came up to take part in a charitable effort via my writing presented itself, it felt like a natural extension of my normal efforts to give back.

My story features IT Geeks in a server room, dealing with uh, underutilized server rack space. Thus the name. 😉 There are 43 other stories in the collection, rounding it out at just under 100k words, so your investment will be well spent. #didijustsaythat #yeahidid #movingon

Go forth, read erotica (if that’s up your alley, if not, gift it to someone you know who is so inclined). You’ll support kids who otherwise wouldn’t get the school supplies they need. My thanks in advance for your support.