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Announcing the Depths of Memory Street Team

That’s right…the time has come for the one, the only…the Depths of Memory Street Team! LOL

Some of you know what a street team is…it’s a band of loyal followers who join with the author on a sacred quest to retrieve various objects, also known as ‘swag’….

No wait, that’s not quite right.

A street team prepares for a mighty battle, choosing only the most impressive RPG and laser weaponry available after encasing themselves head-to-foot in impenetrable armor. Those aliens won’t know what…wait, that’s not it either.

Oh, yeah. A street team helps pimp an author’s books in return for free e-copies of the book, contest prizes, and the love and adoration of the author. They also get to ask me questions and only other teammates will see the answers.

Now, how do I define pimping? Re-sharing info on the book on Facebook if you use that venue. Retweet on twitter if you use the tweets. Post on g+ if you live there too. Have a blog and you want to Talk to your friends if you have any of those. You know, boost the signal.

Yup, pimping is totally sexier than sacred quests or kicking alien butt. So, are you in? I have The Dream Sifter, the first in a horror/sci-fi trilogy, just waiting for your support and pimpage. 😉

The first prize? Once I have ten people in my street team I’ll release a snippet of the text to the the team (and the public) and send out beta manuscript copies (readable on your ereaders) to everyone in the team. No, these aren’t FINAL, final copies, but they’re still COOL!

So, are you in?

There are two ways to join. Contact me via ‘The Depths of Memory Street Team’ on Facebook or email me (candice at candicebundy dot com) (if you’re a fb hater, that’s cool too, we’ll keep your activities offline and all private-like. not even the NSA will know!).

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