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Twinned Shadow Release Day!

It’s the Twinned Shadow release day today! If you’ve already pre-ordered, it should hit your devices before this post goes live. If you haven’t yet ordered Twinned Shadow, you can get it now at Amazon. Here’s the blurb and cover. Check it out!

(Have you read chapter 1? It’s available here on the Twinned Shadow Book page!)


A Foothold In Two Different Worlds, And No Safety In Either…

Twinned Shadow Cover Art

I, Becka Rowan, live in a time of uneasy peace. A fragile truce stands between humans, shifters, and the fae-touched—those who turn inward to their Houses for loyalty and protection and live in isolation from the outside world.

For an ungifted like me, that’s impossible to do.

Born of the fae but not blessed with their powers, I’ve grown up as an outcast within the human world. Humans don’t trust people like me with fae heritage, and the fae don’t bother with the ungifted. I said screw it and embraced college, determined to make my own fate.

Just when I thought I could start a prestigious internship and continue my quest to address interspecies conflict, someone murdered my twin sister, an adept illusionist and heir to our family lineage.

So, I’m going back home to say goodbye. Back to House Rowan. I take a deep breath, knowing after a short few days I’ll return to the city, free again from the melodrama of the House I was raised in.

There’s just one hitch in my plan—Quinn, a fae-touched member of the Enforcer’s Guild assigned to investigate the killing. Quinn doesn’t let the typical fae prejudices against the ungifted prevent him from staying close to me. Uncomfortably close. Besides, he needs my help to figure out what happened to my sister.

How can I refuse?

I urge you to read Chapter 1 and decide for yourself if this book appeals to you. It’s an Urban Fantasy / Supernatural Suspense with romantic elements. If this sounds interesting, hop on over to Amazon and pick yourself up a copy. It’s available in eBook now and also in paperback.

Also, you can find the book on Goodreads and BookBub.