Poisoned Shadow Cover Reveal! - Candice Bundy

Poisoned Shadow Cover Reveal!

It’s been a few months (though it’s felt like a LOOONG couple of months!) and I am happy to say Poisoned Shadow is now available for preorder at Amazon, dropping July 2, 2020. This urban fantasy book is book two of my Shadow Series, set in a universe filled with fae-touched, shifters, and humans, oh my!

(ARCs will be available via BookSprout by 6/3, and if you’re in my Street Team you will also have access to the ARCs. Check it out!)

This awesome cover was designed by Covers by Christian. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Here’s the blurb!

Just when I was getting a handle on my magic, my fae family drama, and an unwanted fiance, someone wants me dead. Again.

Poisoned Shadow Cover

Returning home is never easy, especially when you’ve lived apart from your family for eight long years and your face reminds them of your well-loved twin whose murder still haunts these halls. How can I, Becka Rowan, live up to her memory?

I’d only been back home a few weeks when tragedy struck again in the form of a poisoner. I almost died. My father lies in a coma, his fate uncertain.

It’s bad enough that I’m always being measured up to my beloved twin; how can I ever hope to feel safe and welcome at House Rowan with Shadow Dwellers and poisoners out to get me?

The assassination attempt brings Enforcer Quinn back to House Rowan. I’m excited to be working side by side with Quinn again, solving the case together. His return gives me the opportunity to find out if the connection between us is real. I hope he feels the same draw to me as I do to him.

But Quinn’s holding back; keeping things professional between us. Can I blame him? I’m still engaged to my dead twin’s fiance! I need to control my magic, end my engagement, and then find a path forward with Quinn. Is that too much to ask?

Assuming Quinn and I can solve the poisoning before they strike again.

Don’t miss the emotional and fast-paced sequel to Twinned Shadow! Buy now to experience the complex world building and unique twists of Candice Bundy’s gripping writing!