Nestled in the sun-kissed and adventure-filled heart of Denver, Colorado, Candice thrives in nature’s playground. Candice shares her abode with her partner and feline overlords who, quite frankly, are the true monarchs of their cozy kingdom. A word alchemist at heart, Candice skillfully weaves tales drenched in angsty fantasy romance, exhilarating science fiction, and tantalizing paranormal spice. She likes to throw fierce, clever heroines off cliffs and into the arms of heroes who stand at the ready to catch them.

Her passion extends beyond the page, as she delves deep into the worlds of archeology and mythology, seeking the threads that bind our collective narratives. Not one to rest on her laurels, she’s an advocate for habit hacking, ceaselessly striving to embody minimalist principles, promote holistic well-being, and infuse her everyday with an abundance of positive mojo.

Away from her writer’s nook, Candice is either nurturing her garden—home to heirloom tomatoes and a symphony of jams and fermented delights—or quite literally—roped into a climbing wall. As a fervent sport climber, she eagerly tackles every new challenge, ascending to greater heights and mastering diverse landscapes.

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Me climbing

Yup, it’s me actually climbing!

Three cats on my lap.

My kitten overlords pinning me down until I finish one more chapter. 😉