Fire and Fae

Fire and Fae

In a world where the boundaries between fae, humans, demigods, and daemons are as delicate as a butterfly’s wing, a single spark can ignite a war—or a romance that changes everything.


Series: Caught Between Worlds

esse, a fire spinner from the enigmatic Flesh Playhouse Burner Enclave, finds herself at the heart of a mystical celebration at Erin’s Temple of Dionysos. Her mesmerizing performance captivates Theron, a fae fire elemental searching for a missing fae. Believing Jesse to be one of his own kind, Theron embarks on a passionate courtship that teeters on the edge of discovery.

As love battles loyalty, Erin, the Mayor of Denver and avatar of Dionysos, faces scrutiny from the city council and the growing presence of fae searching for their lost member—the very one whose body Erin helped to hide. An ancient pact between humans and fae surfaces, bringing new tensions and challenges to her leadership.

Meanwhile, Meri and Azimuth, determined to solve the fae’s murder, find themselves constantly diverted by the enigmatic and powerful Ranna. Her obsession with lost prophecies and ancient relics sends them on dangerous missions, stirring chaos in Denver and drawing the attention of powerful sorcerers.

In this spellbinding sequel to Smoke and Daemons and Wine and GodsFire and Fae weaves a tale of love, power, and destiny. Will Theron’s secret be revealed? Can Erin navigate the political and supernatural challenges threatening her city? And will Meri and Azimuth uncover the truth behind the fae’s murder while contending with Ranna’s schemes? Discover a world where love defies boundaries and ancient pacts threaten to unravel in Fire and Fae.

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