Hocus Pocus and Pinot Noir

Hocus Pocus and Pinot Noir

Fleeing her past, Lydia Ash seeks refuge among wolf-shifters in Crescent Crossing, only to become entangled in a murder mystery that leads her to embrace her inner strength and rewrite her destiny.

Series: Magical Midlife Mixers

Running from the haunting shadows of my traumatic past, I seek refuge in this isolated haven, a community of wolf-shifters who’ve never embraced me, a fae. Amidst towering mountains and whispering forests, I hope to find the peace that has eluded me for so long.

As I wrestle with memories of my bustling city life, the town’s mystique draws me into its embrace. Yet, what I thought was a sanctuary soon becomes a labyrinth of challenges when a murder shakes the very foundation of Crescent Crossing.

Within the Howl Away Inn, a haven steeped in history, I confront my own self-doubts and insecurities. The trauma that has haunted me finds its echo here. In a world where wolf-shifters reign and fae like me are outsiders, my journey mirrors themes of self-discovery, resilience, and the power to transcend barriers.

Navigating this new existence, I forge unexpected alliances and grapple with intricate rivalries. The murder becomes a puzzle tied to my own story, revealing layers of deception and truth. Amid Crescent Crossing’s rustic charm, I delve into a world where magic intertwines with the mundane, where my quest for answers mirrors my path toward self-acceptance.

Join me on a journey that proves life after trauma is an opportunity to embrace the extraordinary. With courage as my guide, I uncover ancient secrets, rewrite my narrative, and prove that supernatural second acts are the most spectacular of all.

Magical Midlife Mixers is set in the same universe as the Shadow Series. Events begin after the book Shadow Underground.

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