Reckless Rapture

Reckless Rapture

By Candice Bundy & Piper Fox

Series: Stolen Legacy

My magic is back, I have my posse by my side, and we’re ready to kick Taneisha’s fourth quest in the proverbial ass to get back Franc’s divine mask.

Ironic that my first visit to the demi-god Franc’s nightclub would be on a mercurial fae’s quest. But once we step inside, a divine madness sweeps us up onto the dancefloor. Magic runs wild in Franc’s club, transforming it from a bacchanal to a frenzied rave. Anyone can come in, but the visitors are trapped inside, unable to reach the outer world.

Finding Franc’s legacy, a mask imbued with divine madness, turns out to be the easy part. Freeing the mask, and the patrons, is another matter entirely.

When I run into an old boyfriend in the throng, I fear rumors of my travels and my companions will find their way back to my family. That’s assuming he lives through pissing off my posse.

After I don’t own up to my evolving relationship with my guys, they decide it’s time to teach me a lesson. With the heat in their eyes, I can’t help but wonder how I’ll survive all five of them burning all for me.

This is book four of six in the Stolen Legacy series. This is an action adventure why choose steamy romance where the female main character has more than one love interest. Includes m/m in some books.

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