Shadow in the City

Shadow in the City

A Shadow Series Prequel Novella

Series: The Shadow Series

Born of the fae but not blessed with their powers, I’ve grown up as an outcast. My twin sister, Tesse, was luckier, famous for her powers of illusion and the heir to our esteemed lineage. When an opportunity arises to meet after six years of secret phone calls, I jump at the chance to see her again.

It’s a bittersweet meeting, but I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

When a stranger interrupts our dinner it quickly becomes clear he’s a little too interested in fae and our magic. My sister heads out early to avoid the attention he’s drawing, and my heart breaks to see her go, knowing I might not see her again.

But when I hear a screen in the distance, I fear for Tesse’s safety and start running. Can I save my sister from a macabre fate?

This prequel novella to the Shadow Series is about a one-hour read.


If you like urban fantasy romance filled with fae, shifters, and humans with mysteries, complex world building, and unique twists, you’ll love The Shadow Series.

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