Shadow in the City

Shadow in the City

A Shadow Series Newsletter Exclusive Prequel!

Series: The Shadow Series

Outcast from the fae for lacking a magical gift, a rare opportunity arises for Becka to see her twin sister, Tesse, again. They meet in the city for dinner after six years apart to reconnect over a bittersweet meal.

Unfortunately, their dinner is interrupted by a stranger who’s just a little too interested in the fae sisters, so they part ways early. When Becka hears a distant scream, she fears for her sister’s safety.

Can Becka save her sister from a macabre fate?


The new Shadow Series takes you into a world where fae-touched, shifters, and humans live in an uneasy peace decades after a cataclysmic war. Once again, our heroine’s life is on the line, and she’s not the only one this time!

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