The Dream Sifter

The Dream Sifter

Series: The Depths of Memory Trilogy, Book 1

Glimpses. Images of the past…or future? Delusions, powers, or maybe she’s just going crazy? Rai Durmah can’t be sure of anything.

With no recollection of her prior life, she’s placed with an adoptive family who doubts her words and motives.

Her curiosity and nightmares catapult her into a world, of danger, mystery, and horror.

But when she realizes who and what she really is, the real fight begins.
As long as she can sift through the lies…


The Depths of Memory Trilogy in a set in a future where humans have fled Earth and struggle to colonize new worlds and prove their worth to the alien consortium known as the Hegemony. Beyond the colonist’s day-to-day struggles, they face a devastating plague which requires extreme and constant vigilance. Faced with internal and external threats, how far will the colonists be willing to go to save not just their colony, but humanity itself?

The Depths of Memory Trilogy is a sci-fi/fantasy series.

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Candice wraps elements of post-apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi and high fantasy together in a world C.S. Friedman would be proud of. ... This is refreshing, thought-provoking and engaging sci-fi.
-- Steven Montano
Author of the Blood Skies series, The Skullborn Trilogy, and The Rike Chronicles
Well-thought and greatly planned, The Dream Sifter deserves to be featured among classic gems of science-fiction. The author’s linguistic richness and her ingenious world created from scratch compile a novel which promises intense suspense and plot twists.
-- Augustine
The Dream Sifter is an engrossing science fiction/fantasy novel that had me reading it until the wee hours in the morning. The plotline was fantastic. The characters were very fleshed out. Other than the cliffhanger ending, I loved this book!!
-- Jolie Eason
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The Dream Sifter is an original engaging mixture of science fiction and fantasy with the characters propelling the plot. This is a great read for those looking for a science fiction merged into fantasy with a world and characters that'll stay with your for long. I loved this and can't wait to get my hands on the newly published second installment, Dreams Manifest.
-- Fanna
Dream Sifter is one of those books that hooks you immediately and is able to maintain its iron grip on my attention with the pacing and character development that make any great read a pleasure. While Bundy has a well developed prose and artistry with words, she wields it with confidence and swagger that allows for the scenes to effortlessly unfold in the imagination of the reader.
-- Tony
Goodreads reviewer

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