Magical Midlife Mixers Series - Candice Bundy

Magical Midlife Mixers

Dive into the captivating “Magical Midlife Mixers” series, set in the mystical town of Crescent Crossing. Join Lydia Ash, a fae escaping her past, in a whirlwind of mysteries blending danger, transformation, shifting alliances, and budding romance.

In a world where wolf-shifters hold sway and secrets abound, Lydia becomes an investigator, facing her own demons while unraveling enigmas. As mountains whisper and the Howl Away Inn beckons, her journey becomes one of self-discovery and acceptance, forming bonds and potential romances.

Experience a series where the extraordinary meets the ordinary. Follow Lydia’s evolution through danger, resilience, and magic as she delves into the mysteries of Crescent Crossing.

Magical Midlife Mixers is set in the same universe as the Shadow Series. Events begin after the book Shadow Underground.