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I solved the fae Taneisha’s five quests, one for each of my new mates’ legacies, so why am I not home yet?

After the excitement of finishing the quests and choosing my mates, I needed some time to process my feelings and think about our future together and check on my shop, Charmed Brews. Not to mention I needed to visit my granny and head of our mage family, Ms. Lowe, before she tore apart the city looking for me.

When I stepped through Taneisha’s portal, thought, all was not as it should be. When is it with that awful fae? Taneisha was sending me on one last quest through faery for a magic potion. But things weren’t going to be any easier this time: no one ever said dealing with the fae was simple.

I hoped my mates realized what the fae was up to before it was too late and I was lost to them forever.

This is book six of six in the Stolen Legacy series. This is an action adventure, why-choose, steamy romance where the female main character has more than one love interest. Includes m/m in some books.


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