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Just when I was getting a handle on my magic, my fae family drama, and an unwanted fiance, someone wants me dead. Again.

Returning home is never easy, especially when your face reminds your family of the well-loved, powerful fae-touched twin whose murder still haunts these halls.

How can I, a former ungifted with barely any control over my powers, live up to her memory?

After eight years away, I’ve only been back home a few weeks when tragedy strikes again—in the form of a poisoner. I almost died. My father lies in a coma, his fate uncertain.

House Rowan doesn’t feel safe anymore. Not with Shadow Dwellers and poisoners out to get me.

The assassination attempt brings Enforcer Quinn back into my life. His return gives me the opportunity to find out if the connection between us is real. Ever since returning home, I’ve been drawn to the hot Enforcer who makes me feel more like I belong than anyone else in the fae world, and I need to know if he feels it too.

But Quinn’s holding back; keeping things professional between us. I can’t blame him. I’m still engaged to my dead twin’s fiancé! I need to control my magic, end my engagement, and then find a path forward with Quinn. Is that too much to ask?

Assuming Quinn and I can find the would-be assassin before they strike again. 



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