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I’m not the same Becka Rowan who left the city. I’m back with new powers, a new job, new roommates, and a list of dead fae that’s getting longer by the hour.

That last part sucks. Especially knowing that the fae the killers really want is me.

Still, I’m excited about my future, especially now that I have Quinn by my side as my live-in bodyguard? Boyfriend? Partner in solving crimes? All the above? My willpower is damn near ready to crack with the smolderingly hot Enforcer. By the way his burnished gold eyes look at me when he thinks I’m not paying attention, he knows it.

The Shadow Dwellers have proven they’ll do whatever it takes to reach their goals… by killing my cousin. I don’t know what’s worse: knowing all of my loved ones are in danger, or the guilt that I could protect them if I just give in to a psycho’s demands for my blood.

Which I shouldn’t do, right?



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