Stolen Legacy Series - Candice Bundy

Stolen Legacy

It’s me, a mage with broken magic, plus two demi-gods, an incubus, and a pair of shifters against a grudge-holding fae. I’m not liking those odds.

I’m honor-bound to help out an old friend, especially when he’s a mega-hot demi-god. Emrys says it’ll only take an hour or two of my time, but when the grudge-holding fae Taneisha shoots us through a portal into faery, suddenly I’m along for the ride, which will be however long it takes us to solve her puzzles.

At least I know my five companions. I attended Goldenbriar Academy with them, although this is the first I’ve seen them since. Back in those days we’d flirted nonstop until my magic failed and my family pulled me out of the academy. We’ve picked up with the flirting right where we left off, and all five alphas are even more charming, sexy, and protective than I’d remembered. 

Each of the fae’s puzzles is more complicated than the last and the stakes just keep getting higher. Plus, my magic is threatening to explode if I don’t blow off some steam soon, but how can I do that when I’m constantly surrounded by these guys? 

If I didn’t know any better, I’d think the fae isn’t playing fair. Wait, who am I kidding? Of course she’s not!

Stolen Legacy is a six book action adventure why choose steamy romance series where a strong heroine has more than one love interest. Includes m/m in some books.