The Truth Behind Habit Hacking

Back in March 2016 I read The Artist’s Way and adopted the practice of daily pages. This is a creativity-expanding and focus-generating habit which has aided my writing practice and productivity in all areas of my life. However, the habit took longer than I’d expected to form, which caused some struggle and self-doubt. After all, doesn’t it just take four months to form a new habit? Why was it harder for me?

I’m going to share with you some beautiful data on my progress as well as some lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I’ve written since my 20’s but didn’t put out my first book until 2010, and my second in 2012 followed by my third in 2013. Now, it’s not at all unusual for new writers to be slow, and I was moving faster than Robert Jordan or George R.R. Martin, so that’s something. However, life threw me some curveballs (the death of my father, divorce, job change) and sidelined my bandwidth for a time. When I tried to get back into my groove, I just couldn’t hit my earlier stride. Read More …