Book 2 – The Madness Path (Liminals)


Currently Under Development

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

* * *

Just when you think everything is coming together, everything is perfectly set on course, the bottom inevitably drops out, two steps before the finish line. When you’ve fully invested yourself, heart and soul, body and mind, financially and socially. You’d wrapped everything into this one venture, put it all on the line. Now it laid in a pile of shattered dreams. Or is that your mind, there on the conference room table in a movers box? No, that was just her job, and most of her social life, rent into shreds.

This never happens when you’ve gone half way. No. That’s not how these cards get dealt. It takes your full, absolute commitment before the hammer will fall. Otherwise, what’s the point? You’re not primed. You’re not ready. It takes full and absolute dedication to your goals before you’re able to be shattered into a million tiny shards of ruin.

It’s the moment the cosmos tells you your dreams don’t matter one iota. That everything you’ve clung to for so long is without merit. And it’s the moment you’re utterly destroyed and reborn, all in an instant. Stripped of all that was, stripped of the assumptive yoke you’ve thoughtlessly given yourself over to, at this moment, this singular instant, your eyes have a grain of clarity.

Whatever happened to Erin out in those woods, she knew this moment was a culmination of that raw, elemental power. Something now took root in her, shook her foundation to the core, and cracked open the base. Although she’d lost her job, and for all she knew she’d be out on the street in T-minus two weeks, this moment was worth every second.

Right now, she felt so alive, so fully drawn into her own skin it crackled with anticipation, and she might just burst. Was she scared? Sure, her heart was beating at a million miles an hour, but the colors around her were so vivid and alive in a way she’d never seen before. No, that’s not true, they’d been like this in the forest. With him. But now, that same clarity was here, and yet she was all alone. Or was she? The air itself vibrated around her. Was this real, or illusion? But then she caught the scent, his scent. Musky, earthy, fresh and green, a hint of wine. Her lips curled as she panted anticipatorily. She sprinted out the door, box forgotten. Where she was going, it wouldn’t be needed.

The hunt was on.

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