Shadow Series - Candice Bundy

Shadow Series

Becka’s an ungifted fae outcast returning home for her twin’s funeral. Quinn’s a cinnamon roll alpha fae detective assigned to protect her from the killer. But could her sexy bodyguard also be the murderer?

Just when she thinks the magical world of the fae is done with her, Becka is drawn back into the intrigue and drama surrounding her family and hunted by a mysterious, faceless cabal who call themselves Shadow-Dwellers.

After Becka comes to terms with her changed fate, the real fight with the Shadow-Dwellers begins. The ravenous Shadow-Dwellers endlessly crave power, and Becka is next on their menu. Can Becka summon her strength, win over her family, and gain the allies she needs to hold the forces of darkness at bay?

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The Shadow Series is a slow-burn urban fantasy romance with a sassy, strong heroine and the warrior who watches over her. The Shadow Series is set in a modern earth dystopia where fae-touched, shifters, and humans live in an uneasy peace decades after a cataclysmic war between the races.

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If you’re a fan of urban fantasy romance filled with fae, shifters, and humans with mysteries, complex world building, and unique twists, you’ll love The Shadow Series.